How To: Disable iOS 12's Annoying Password Creation Feature on Your iPhone

Disable iOS 12's Annoying Password Creation Feature on Your iPhone

Maybe you prefer writing passwords in a notebook. Maybe you like creating your passwords yourself. Whatever the case, you don't like iOS 12's new automatic password generator, and you don't need it to pop up every time you enter a new password in Safari or a third-party app. Lucky for you, iOS 12 lets you disable the feature altogether. Unfortunately, that perk comes with a catch.

You see, to disable the new password creation tool in iOS 12, you'll also need to disable Apple's AutoFill feature for passwords. This option is what enables you to automatically fill in username and passwords from your iCloud Keychain or third-party password manager into fields when signing into accounts in both Safari and other apps. Additionally, it allows iOS to auto-fill SMS codes sent via 2FA. To avoid the password generator, you'll also have to do without AutoFill and all its features.

Password generator enabled (left) vs. disable (right).

If you don't use third-party password managers, you can easily disable AutoFill by jumping into Settings, tapping "Passwords & Accounts," then finally ensuring that "AutoFill Passwords" is disabled.

If you do use a third-party password manager, the process is slightly different. Open Settings, tap "Passwords & Accounts," then tap "AutoFill Password." This opens a new page, where you'll find the option to disable "AutoFill Passwords" for iCloud Keychain, which removes Apple's ability to suggest passwords. If a third-party password manager also has that ability, you can disable it here as well.

Enjoy your AutoFill-free iOS 12 experience! If you find that the pros of hiding the password generator are weaker than losing AutoFill features mentioned earlier, you can always reverse this decision by reenabling "AutoFill Passwords."

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Cover image and screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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Because of this stupid feature , this is my last iPhone. I'm going to buy the Tesla Q phone as soon as it comes out!

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