How To: Create the Ultimate Injustice Team by Unlocking Only the Characters You Want

Create the Ultimate Injustice Team by Unlocking Only the Characters You Want

Injustice: Gods Among Us is one of the most popular games to come out over the last couple of years. It was a hit on video game consoles, and it's got a solid 4.5 rating on both Google Play and the iOS App Store, with almost 2 million people rating the game combined.

The game is all about beating the other team stacked with three DC superheroes or villains. As the game progresses, the fighting intensifies. Online battles require the most out of your squad and, in order to have a squad that can really compete, you have to assemble the perfect cast of characters.

Buying Booster Packs

Buying booster packs is the cheapest way to unlock super powerful characters. However, as with any fighting game, some characters are better than others and have powers that help the team with a boost in damage or health, which is why assembling a cohesive team is a huge part of battle strategy.

So, by spending 75,000 coins on a Gold Booster Pack (with the daily discount), you have the chance to unlock Regime Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and many more. However, what you receive in a booster pack is completely random, which is where the risk comes in.

You might be hoping to unlock Regime Superman and end up with Catwoman instead. Yes, you could just buy Regime Superman straight-up, but that would cost 220,000 coins, a huge price increase. With the trick I am going to show you today, you can buy a Gold Booster Pack with no worries—if you didn't get the character you want, just try again.

Step 1: Install iFunBox on Your Computer

In order to get this "hack" to work on your iPhone, you will need to access your folders and data for Injustice: Gods Among Us, which is where iFunBox comes in.

iFunBox is a free file viewer and manager for iOS devices, and you can download it for either Mac or Windows. Once you've downloaded the application, install it on your computer and launch it. (If you're using a Mac, you may need to adjust your Gatekeeper security settings in order to open it for the first time.)

Step 2: Save Your Injustice Progess

The easiest way to ensure that your game progress is always being saved is to create a WBID (Warner Bros. ID) in Injustice: Gods Among Us. This way your data is saved and you can also gain access to exclusive unlocks and achievements. Using your Game Center account should also be adequate in saving your progress.

Now that you know you current data is saved, make sure you have enough coins to buy your booster pack and completely close out of Injustice on your iPhone.

Step 3: Copy Your Injustice Data to iFunBox

Plug your iPhone into your computer and launch iFunBox. Inside iFunBox you should see your device listed in the left column and "User Applications" directly below. Go ahead and select that option and double-click on the Injustice app.

In the following section, select the "Documents" and "Library" folders and click on "Copy To Mac" (or "Windows" if you'e on a PC). It's best to create a folder and place these files in there so they don't get lost. After the files are saved, unplug your iPhone.

Step 4: Turn on Airplane Mode

This step seems to be more necessary than just a suggestion. A few times that I tried this trick, my old data kept getting overwritten by more recent saves. This may be due to the iCloud working with Game Center to automatically upload your current data once Injustice is opened. By turning on "Airplane Mode" (via the Control Center), you cant rest easy that your older saved file will load correctly.

Step 5: Open Injustice & Your Booster Pack

This trick will work with any booster pack you buy, but for this guide, I am working with the discounted Gold Booster Pack. Back inside of Injustice, head to the store and buy your Gold Booster Pack. If you are happy with the character you've received, then there is nothing else you need to do. If your received a shitty character, you don't have to keep him or her—completely close out of Injustice and proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Go Back in Time

You can revert to your previous saved state—the one saved before you bought the booster—in order to regain the money you just spent. Again, make sure that Airplane Mode is turned on so that the newest data doesn't override your older backup.

Once again, open up iFunBox, plug in your iPhone, and select the Injustice app from the "User Applications" section. Then, just delete everything that's in there. Some files may remain, but that is okay. Now select "Copy From Mac" and copy the "Documents" and "Library" files from Step #3 above into the folder.

Step 7: Win! (Or, Try, Try, & Try Again)

Close iFunBox and open up Injustice on your iPhone. Your coins should be at the same level that they were before the purchase. Now you can try your luck again and hopefully get a better card. Continue this process until you get exactly what you need.

This is the best way to go about buying booster packs and skipping on the bad characters. It takes a while to make that money, so why not make sure that you get the card with the best value to your team. I know this workaround will help you guys get the best characters, so you can thank me later.

If you want, challenge me online at Saso32. Let's see what you've got!

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