How To: Create Radio Stations with All Hits and No Misses with This Hidden iOS 7.1 Feature

Create Radio Stations with All Hits and No Misses with This Hidden iOS 7.1 Feature

Apple's latest update, iOS 7.1, has flooded to iPhones and iPads across the world. Despite the buzz across the web covering most of its newest features, we found one nice little enhancement that has been overlooked.

Shuffle Through Songs in a Specific Genre

From the music application on your iOS device, you can now shuffle songs by genre, whereas in previous versions you could only shuffle through songs and playlists. This update now gives us the ability to effectively create a genre-specific radio that only plays the music you love (assuming you love the songs you've paid for).

Check the iOS 7 genre section (left screenshot below) compared to iOS 7.1's section (right screenshot below). If you pull down on the screen, you'll not only get the regular search bar, but also the option to shuffle through all of the artists and songs in a specific genre.

Perfect for working out, riding in the car and even parties, shuffling through genres allows you to play all of the similar music on your iOS device without having to create a playlist.

This is a little tucked away feature that I know I'll get a ton of use out of... just one of those nice little things that goes a long way.

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