How To: Completely Close Out Running Applications in the New iPhone iOS 4

Completely Close Out Running Applications in the New iPhone iOS 4

Update: If you're running iOS 7 or higher, you'll want to check out the new way to fully close your background applications.

With the newest version of iPhone firmware, you will be able to multitask. Finally, Apple has given us the ability to access more than one program at once and enjoy our Apps to the fullest. By closing an app the way you would on a 3G phone (clicking the home button), you will no longer fully quit an app. This is similar to the way things work on a Mac OS - clicking the "X" won't actually quit a program on a Mac until you actually go to "Quit" in the drop-down menu.

With this new feature, some might be confused on how to actually shut down their running apps, instead of leaving them on in the background. If you're confused as to how to sign out of apps and save speed and battery life, check out this clip. The process is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it.

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It'd be very useful if it were possible to close all open apps with one clicks. Maybe in iOS 5...

how did you make that video??

stupid video-maker, onli the last 10sec is useful.

na, won´t really be much saving, if we had a "close all apps" button; rather a restart of the OS, but guess, that´s anyhow done by the long press on the sleep button

I´d really prefer to see all the apps I´m closing, before I shut ´em down;

jepp, do agree: too long intro; but to be fair: I´m pretty thankful for having found this vid, since it helped me to kick out a hung up app, so I accept the waiting time for the intro :-)

lol u complain about wasting a minute of your time and a rather useful vid, i wonder how many hours you waste playing useless apps . I got my 4s today and im very grateful for all the tips i have found ! to finnish, wow, what a phone !!

IOS sdk, Developer software to the guy above..

Seeing the apps down there doesn't necessarily mean they are still running. With SBSettings on a jailbreak iOS device, you can kill all running processes a little differently. When you double click the Home button, it still shows a row of the most recently accessed apps.

I just ran a test and opened half a dozzen apps. I closed them out with your method and then opened SBSettings at the top to see what was still running. It did in fact clear out all of the running programs.

I tried it again and cleared them using SBSettings instead and then opened up half a dozen different apps. I cleared those new apps using your method and left the other 6 still on the row. Confirming with SBSettings showed that all the programs were effectively stopped even though there were still apps showing on the bottom row.

So this method works, but you lose your recently accessed apps, which sort of makes the whole 'multitasking' function of 4.2 kinda worthless. However, for those who have not done a jailbreak on their iOS devices, this is indeed very helpful information since you pretty much kill the performance of your machine and battery with all those apps running in the background.

Thank you this helped alot thought somethink was round with my phone lol now it running smothly great video mate...thanks

thanks! i have like 10 apps open and didn't even know it!

the how-to is a flash video.. Can't view this on an iPad.
Epic fail

Thanks so much for this. I just got an iPhone on Tuesday and i already have 208 MB/500 MB used on my data plan and I had no idea why. Turns out 20+ apps on my phone were open at the same time. This video is a lifesaver, thanks again

Wow.. Thank you my battery will love you.. I had 36 applications open since I got my iphone a week ago.. LOL.. Thank you again!

how do i find a program someone might have put on my iphone called spybubble. I was told it is in the programs but how do i find that?

i have Iphone 3G with iOs 4.2.1 ,, and i don't have this multi task.. if i press home button twice, he opened some notepad ... what can i do???

The iPhone 3G does not support Multitasking, only 3GS and newer.

Also, closing these "Running" apps in no way will save battery or make your phone operate faster. If you have experienced this "improved performance", it has been a placebo effect. There are very few, and highly monitored apps, that are allowed to function in the background. Even those cleared for background functionality are limited to approximately 5 minutes of background running time.
Basically, once you press the home button app function stops. The "mulittasking" tray is there as a way to quickly move between frequent or recently visited apps.
In short, no need to waste your time closing them!

Awesome! I new EVERY app on my phone was running and my battery power sucked and my phone was acting up because of it and I could not for the life of me figure out how to close everything! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hey Elizabeth, Please read my post directly above yours. Closing these "running" apps does nothing for your battery life. If you are looking for battery battery life, check out this post:

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