How To: Close Apps on an iPad Mini Running iOS 7

Close Apps on an iPad Mini Running iOS 7

The new Apple iOS 7 is here for your iPad Mini. Closing running apps prevents them from taking up precious memory, resources and battery. Simply quitting an app by pressing the home button doesn't work; the application is still running. Watch the video below to see how to close them completely.

Step 1: Double-Click the Home Button

Step 2: Slide to the Application You Want to Close

Step 3: Close the Application by Pulling It Up

To reiterate, press the Home button two times, then slide to the desired application, and slide it away by pulling it up. Easy and much faster than what it used to be in iOS 6.

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I've tried this, and do it constantly, but I still get that awful memory message about background apps needing to be closed. It's infuriating. Is there anything else I should be doing?

Yeah, you should be using an Android tablet

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