AirTag Accessories: The Top Cases & Covers for Apple's New AirTag Trackers

The Top Cases & Covers for Apple's New AirTag Trackers

After years of speculation and rumors, Apple finally debuted AirTag, its tiny Bluetooth tracking device, during its spring 2021 event on April 20. Unlike with Tile trackers, there's no way to attach an AirTag to an object, but there's an entire market out there for AirTag accessories so that you can put one on your keychain, bike, or any other object that you can't just toss a naked AirTag in or onto.

AirTag preorders are ongoing, with an April 30 release, but Apple and third-party companies are already on the move, producing interesting, stylish, and, of course, useful accessories to make AirTags work to their full potential. If you want to track your most important items with the reliability of the Find My network and look good doing it, you'll want to pick up one of the following products.

1. Apple's AirTag Leather Key Ring

Apple has its AirTag Leather Key Ring in three colors: Baltic Blue, Saddle Brown, and (Product) Red, all of which close shut with a secure metal clasp. They feature a keyring to easily attach to your keys, membership cards, backpack, purse, etc. It's Apple, so the accessory costs more than AirTag itself, of course. But if you aren't a fan of the price, we have some non-Apple alternatives below that might interest you. It's currently available for preorder with an April 30 release date.

Images via Apple

2. Apple's AirTag Leather Loop

For an extra $4, you can upgrade to Apple's AirTag Leather Loop. This product isn't a key ring; rather, it creates a loop with a leather band. You simply wrap the band around the item you're trying to track, say, a backpack strap, and clasp it shut, keeping the AirTag and your fashionable case safely attached.

The Leather Loop comes in the same Saddle Brown and (Product) Red colors as the Leather Key Ring minus Baltic Blue. If that color is essential to your style, you'll probably want to opt for the Key Ring instead. It's currently available for preorder with an April 30 release date.

Images via Apple

3. Apple's AirTag Loop

If you want to save some money while still keeping the "loop" feature, consider picking up Apple's aptly named AirTag Loop. It works just like the Leather Loop; it's just not as expensive. In fact, the AirTag Loop costs the same as a single AirTag (which may seem overpriced still). You'll find the AirTag Loop in four fun colors: Electric Orange, White, Sunflower, and Deep Navy. It's currently available for preorder with an April 30 release date.

Image via Apple

4. Belkin's Secure Holder with Key Ring

If you're interested in an Apple-approved option that's much cheaper than what we've seen already, you might want to check out Belkin's Secure Holder with Key Ring. Belkin's effort actually has two pieces that you twist to open and close, securing the AirTag inside. While Belkin doesn't specify, it appears they use a hard plastic material here instead of silicone. If you want one, you can grab it in White, Black, Blue, or Pink. It's currently available for preorder with a May 31 release date.

Image by Belkin/Apple

5. Nomad's Glasses Strap for AirTag

Prepare yourself for possibly the most unique option on this list. Rather than make a keyring like most accessory companies, Nomad decided to put AirTag on your glasses. Its glasses strap fits right onto your spectacles, with a case for the AirTag resting at the bottom. Whether you decide to wear your glasses or hang them around your neck, your AirTag will always be there just in case you put them down and forget where. (If you sign up for Nomad's newsletter, you can save 15%.)

Image via Nomad

6. Moment's Leather Keychain for AirTag

If you liked the cool keychain at the bottom of that picture above, you're in luck — that's Nomad's Leather Keychain for AirTag. This leather case is one of the coolest we've seen, mixing dark brown and black leather with a dark keyring. It even hides the AirTag in case you're looking to make your keys a little more inconspicuous. (If you sign up on Moment's site, you can save $15 off your first order over $150.)

Image via Moment

7. Moment's Mounts for AirTag

Moment is known for its camera gear and accessories, but they've drawn up a pretty interesting case for AirTag here. The company designed its cases to be mounted on your products, whether that be hidden inside your backpack, camera bag, or hard luggage or stuck to your bike, ukelele, or surfboard. All cases come with adhesive backs, but on some, you'll have to un-attach it to access the AirTag to change a battery.

The Stretch Fabric Mount lets you attach your AirTag to any bag or soft goods, such as jackets, golf bags, and purses; the Curved Surface Mount is perfect for virtually any hard surface, and it will even stick on curves; and the Hard Shell Mount is good for flat and mildly curved surfaces. Check out each to see which one is best for your products:

Image via Moment

8. Aircovered's AirTag Covers

Aircovered's AirTag carrying case offers a classic design made from pro-grade silicone. However, what makes it stand out might be its glow-in-the-dark color options. Right now, there are only two of its six colors that glow: black, blue (glow-in-the-dark), coral, green (glow-in-the-dark), midnight green, and white. Still, if the blue or green options appeal to you, you get a little extra uniqueness for your buck.

Images by Aircovered/Amazon

9. DamonLight's Silicone Loop for AirTag

Here's an alternative for Apple's AirTag Loop! DamonLight's Silicone Loop offers the same great style for less than half the price. However, ignore the glowing center in the pictures below because that's simply where your AirTag lives. DamonLight's loop comes in five different color options: Black, Flamingo, Midnight Blue, Orange, and White.

Images by DamonLight/Amazon

10. Cyrill's Leather AirTag Case Cover

If you balked at the price for Apple's Leather Key Ring, consider Cyrill's instead. Its leather case offers the same chic look for a significant discount. Plus, you get your choice between a classic all-silver color scheme (Stone) and an impressive black and gold option (Black).

Images by Cyrill/Amazon

11. Caseology's Vault Case for AirTag

This keychain case is not one of the pack. Caseology set out to make something a little different here, giving the AirTag a cool pill-shaped case to live in. The carabiner-like keychain allows you to attach as many items to the AirTag as you possibly can or just let it live on one device — it's totally up to you.

Image by Caseology/Amazon

12. Lijinlan's Portable Protective Case for AirTag

If it's value you seek, look no further. Lijinlan offers a traditional silicone AirTag case, keychain included, in packs of six. You'll find three-pack AirTag cases all over Amazon, but Lijinlan appears to be the first to offer double that with one easy payment of $11.99. These six-pack case collections come with one of each color — Blue, Pink, Gray, Green, Black, and White.

Image by Lijinlan/Amazon

13. DamonLight's Case for AirTag

DamonLight doesn't just make a loop-style case. If you're looking for an affordable silicone cover, the company has you, well, covered. Its silicone skin case comes in three colors — Black, Pink, and White — and features a keychain rather than a keyring at the top. Of course, you can always add a keyring to the product if you prefer. These are packs of two. It's no six-pack AirTag case, but we always appreciate a good value when we see it.

Images by DamonLight/Amazon

14. Ailaaila's Protective Cover for AirTag

Most AirTag cases show off Apple's brand new tracker. Ailaaila, like Nomad, chooses to hide the AirTag altogether in an inexpensive silicone case. This option might be great for anyone worried about their AirTag becoming a target, as no one can really tell what's behind the case.

Ailaaila makes seven different colors for their cover case, which they label as Color 01–07. We've simply listed the colors down below, so you don't need to guess as you click on each link.

Images by Ailaaila/Amazon

15. Nengzhuzu's Protective Cover with Buckle for AirTag

Introducing the cheapest option on this list: the Nengzhuzu Protective Cover with Buckle. This metal AirTag case is both stripped down and stylish and is extremely easy on the wallet at just $3.92 a pop. Like Ailaaila, Nengzhuzu doesn't describe its colors well, calling them "Color A–F." Instead, we describe each in the links below and include Nengzhuzu's image of all six color options.

Image by Nengzhuzu/Amazon

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