How To: Add Sound Effects to Your Snapchat Videos

Add Sound Effects to Your Snapchat Videos

Just recently, Snapchat decided to implement a feature that it had long been lacking—the ability to play music and record a video at the same time. For those of us that are jailbroken, we've had this feature for some time, but now that everyone has the ability, how should you use it?

SnapSounds, from developer Tyrone Dougherty, takes advantage of this new functionality by allowing you to play all sorts of sound clips during your Snapchat videos.

SnapSounds is coming soon to Android.

Peruse through the handful of audio categories that SnapSounds has to offer, such as comedy, horror, internet hits, and sound effects. For the most part, each category contains over 20 different sounds to choose from.

You can check out to each sound by tapping on the play button, and favorite sounds by tapping on the star in the box icon, which places the sound bite in your soundboard.

When you're ready to use sound effects in your Snapchat video, hit the play button next to your sound of choice, which will begin a countdown timer that you can elect to set between 1 and 10 seconds. Hit the green button, start recording, and your sound will play during your video. Since the sound will only play once, you can choose to repeat it over and over as well.

Instead of your typical Snapchat story filled with you petting your dog, eating your lunch, and listening to music in your car, you can now add sound effects and make even the most mundane videos a bit more palatable.

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