How To: Add, Remove, & Reorder Share Options on Your iPhone (iOS 8)

Add, Remove, & Reorder Share Options on Your iPhone (iOS 8)

The "share sheet" is the small window that pops up whenever you tap the share icon on your iPhone, and in iOS 7, the options listed are limited. No Instagram. No Dropbox. No Pinterest. Besides email, messages, and iCloud, the only third-party options to choose from are Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Well, Apple is finally making things better. In the new iOS 8, expect to see more apps included, as well as the ability to reorganize and customize what appears in there and where.

In iOS 8, after finding an interesting article or image you want to share with someone, simply tap the share icon as before. This will bring up your share sheet.

Slide to the right and tap on the new More option. This is where you will edit your Activities. You can reorder them, or toggle off third-party apps like Twitter and Facebook. When you're finished, just tap Done to save your changes.

You can also quickly reorder the options directly from the share sheet by holding down on an icon and moving it, just like you would for app icons on your home screen.

As of right now, there aren't any third-party options listed, as you can probably tell from the screenshot above, but expect to see this thing overflowing with new icons soon.

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Unfortunately, no. But you can add Snapchat.

you can not add anything!

iPhone is a shit. 600 dollars and you can not easily change your ring tone without using iTunes. you can not share anything that is not listed the system activities, is like a fucking jail. It has so many fuc*ing limitations! incredible.

I am looking to add my email (gmail) as an option, is this possible?
It was there in the past but i am not sure what happened for it to hace been deleted...

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