How To: Access the Home Screen on the iPhone X

Access the Home Screen on the iPhone X

Is the home button the main reason you're waiting to pull the trigger on a new iPhone X? Are you worried that you'll miss its functionality too much, or that simple things like accessing your home screen will be too hard? Well, don't worry about any of that, because Apple came up with some intuitive gestures that will make the old home button seem clunky and outdated once you get used to things.

Apple knows their customers want a beautiful phone that is still easy to use. They've delivered a genuinely new device (compared to other recent iPhones), and the minimal bezels are at the heart of this cutting-edge design. So the home button had to go, but thankfully, they turned all of its essential functions into simple swipes of the screen.

To access the home screen on the iPhone X, press the bottom portion of the screen and swipe up. Then watch the animation of the app returning to its icon — pretty neat, right? It's like you're swiping the app back to where it belongs.

Performing the home button gesture on an iPhone X. Image by The Verge/YouTube

Now I know you're wondering about Control Center. Apple has changed how you access your system toggles and other settings, since this new swipe-to-go-home gesture took over for the old method for accessing the Control Center. But it's still pretty easy — just check out our full guide on accessing the Control Center to see how it's done.

Let us know how you feel about the new method for accessing the home screen. Do you love it or hate it? Will this prevent you from preordering the iPhone X on October 27? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.

Cover image by 9to5mac/YouTube

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