News: Finally! These 5 MLB Stadiums Now Accept Apple Pay

Finally! These 5 MLB Stadiums Now Accept Apple Pay

Baseball fans can now leave their wallets behind at specific stadiums throughout the country. A new upgrade by Appetize to the foodservice and retail technology used at ballparks means you can now use Apple Pay to make purchases at 5 Major League Baseball stadiums.

Fans of the Colorado Rockies, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Angels, and New York Yankees now have the capability to use Apple Pay at the teams' respective stadiums. This expansion of Apple Pay at MLB stadiums makes it easier than ever to purchase food, memorabilia, or other goods at the ballpark.

The adoption of Apple Pay at sporting arenas has grown significantly in recent years. Back in 2014, the Orlando Magic were the first NBA team to integrate Apple Pay into in-arena shopping. The team cited the privacy of Apple Pay as a large reason for their adoption of the payment method. Since the Magic hopped on the Apple Pay bandwagon, the Golden State Warriors and the Phoenix Suns have followed and now also permit the use of Apple Pay in their arenas.

Since its initial release in late 2014, use of Apple Pay continues to increase. Nearly 150 businesses and non-profits now accept Apple Pay, and it's growing more popular among consumers as well. According to Apple CEO Time Cook, the number of Apple Pay transactions as of May increased by 450% in comparison to the number of transactions one year prior. This makes sense, as Apple Pay expanded significantly in 2016. It's now available in 15 countries, including the United Kingdom, China, and Russia.

Apple Pay can even be used to make in-app purchases on certain apps like Airbnb and Lyft. As we reported earlier this month, Frenzy — an online shopping app that requires customers go to designated locations to access sales — actually only lets users make purchases with Apple Pay.

Companies are increasingly adopting the payment method, so it's about time the MLB hopped on. However, the use of Apple Pay is not the only change coming to these ballparks. Along with this upgrade, Appetize says that they are updating more aspects of the baseball stadiums' foodservice and retail technology. Appetize is also now equipping wait-staff at these stadiums with iPad minis so you can order in your seat and skip the long lines at concession stands. You can also now insert your credit or debit card with a chip when paying, as opposed to swiping.

Looks like — for some fans — now's a good time to go watch some baseball.

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