How To: The Secret Way to Zoom In & Out in Apple Maps Using Only One Finger

The Secret Way to Zoom In & Out in Apple Maps Using Only One Finger

Zooming in and out of map areas in Apple Maps is pretty easy, but not if you're using the fingers on the same hand that you're holding the iPhone with. Yes, it's still possible to use the two-finger pinch gestures to zoom in and out, but if you're not that dextrous, there's a hidden trick that'll let you zoom both ways using only one finger.

By now, you're probably familiar with the standard gestures to zoom gestures. First, you can spread two fingers apart to zoom in or pinch with two fingers to zoom out. Second, you can tap with two fingers to zoom out at set intervals. Third, you can double-tap with one finger to zoom into a map at set intervals. That last one does use only one finger, making it ideal for one-handed use, but there's a better way.

The hidden zoom gesture has been around since iOS 11, but not many people know about it. To try it out, open Maps and hold your iPhone with one hand. Now, double-tap on a map with your thumb (or any other finger), keeping your finger on the screen on the second tap, then move your finger up to zoom in and down to zoom out.

Swiping up to zoom in (left) vs. down to zoom out (right).

There is no real side-to-side swiping gesture for zooming, but doing so will make it seem like you're zooming in or out a tiny bit. That's because you won't be able to stay on a perfect horizontal path perpendicular to the sides of the iPhone as you swipe, so you'll always be going up or down some. But by swiping up or down and to the side, you can get more granular control over the zoom speed.

Now, whenever you're walking around looking at Maps in one hand and holding a coffee in the other, you can actually zoom in and out on the screen without thinking twice. It may not be the biggest feature in the world, but sometimes it's the littlest of things that can really make the iPhone experience better.

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