How To: Remove the Audio Recording Button in iOS 8's Messages App

Remove the Audio Recording Button in iOS 8's Messages App

Ever accidentally sent an audio message to someone through the Messages app? It happens to me all the time. My finger slips towards the right side of the keyboard and all of a sudden a one-second audio recording is being made and sent.

Personally, I don't even send audio messages to anyone, but the feature is baked into the Messages app with no way to disable it. That is, unless you're jailbroken.

NoAudioRecorder, from Grandfather Paradox, allows you to remove the audio recording button in the stock Messages app in iOS 8 so that you never send an accidental audio message again.

Step 1: Install NoAudioRecorder

Search for and install "NoAudioRecorder" in Cydia, and when the installation is complete, hit the option to "Restart SpringBoard."

Step 2: Check Out Your Messages App

Since this is a one-purpose tweak, NoAudioRecorder doesn't have any settings or even an app, so just head over to your Messages app to check out the difference. Below you can see what it looks like before and after the audio recording button is removed.

When you want to bring back the icon, simple remove the NoAudioRecorder tweak from Cydia and reboot your device.

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