How To: Add an Emergency Medical Card to Your iOS 8 Lock Screen

Add an Emergency Medical Card to Your iOS 8 Lock Screen

In case you get hurt in a car accident, take a nasty tumble, fall down a cliff, or get struck by lightning (okay, those last two are a little extreme), it's always good to carry up-to-date information about your health, in case you can't speak for yourself.

A physical medical ID wallet card or bracelet can provide this information, but with such advanced technology at our fingertips, wouldn't it be better to just have your pertinent information readily available on your iPhone? With iOS 8, it's a cinch to set up, and here's how.

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Medical ID on Your Lock Screen

Through the new Health app on iOS 8—meant to be a dashboard of all your medical-related data—you can set up a Medical ID, consisting of important information that that can help out first responders, nurses, doctors, caregivers, and family and friends.

In Health, tap on Medical ID, then Edit and begin filling out information such as your full name, birthdate, medical conditions, allergies, medications, blood type, and more.

When you're done, make sure that Show When Locked is enabled. This way, anyone that needs access to your information can bring up your Medical ID through the lock screen.

Accessing Information from the Lock Screen

Tap Emergency on your lock screen, then on Medical ID, to view your health information, all without having to enter a passcode.

Not only can Medical ID be invaluable for emergencies where you're incapacitated, but it can also bring a child back to their parent, give a lost phone back to its owner, or get a drunken stranger reunited with their friends, thanks to the emergency contact information.

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I live in the Netherlands. I think that this app is not available in my country. Only Withings is available.
Is there a way to get this app?

You're updated to iOS 8 and the Health app is not included?

Will, it should have come on your new iPhone -- comes with the phone you don't have to get it through the app store. If you have the iPhone 6, look at your phone to see if you can see the Health App. Should be on your home screen somewhere. Hope that helps.

I just set up the medic alert on my new iphone 6 plus but have not been able to access the emergency in the lock screen that would take the medic to the information. any suggestions?

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