How To: Unlock an iPhone 3G/3Gs with a blackra1n jailbreak

Unlock an iPhone 3G/3Gs with a blackra1n jailbreak

the creator of the link takes the viewer through the process of how to "Jailbreak" on the FIRMWARE 3.1.2, and the associated iPod products. During the video the unknown narrator vividly describes how to do this, with the aide of software, providing additional options for viewers with compatibility differences, suggesting the use of a different program when needed, ie. different iPod versions. The narrator takes the viewer through each process, in a step-by-step manner, which should be understood by people who have a basic knowlege of the WindowsOS. The preliminary procautions, such as the closing of firewalls, to reduce the likelyhood of errors before jailbreaking. Following this one should open the software "blackra1n", and then click on the button "Make it Rain". The device restarts, at that point If it does not work one should try another computer, as some people have reported that this process does not work with 64bit computers. If the device does not restart, try redownloading the program blackra1n. Once it is installed to the Iphone, it should give you the potion to "unlock" it.

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