How To: Set Video Profile Pics on Facebook

Set Video Profile Pics on Facebook

How to Set Video Profile Pics on Facebook

Unlike other social media platforms, namely Friendster, LiveJournal, and MySpace, Facebook has shown that it can pass the test of longevity. In doing so, it's important for Facebook to adapt to the times and keep things fresh for new and old users alike. A great example of this is the relatively new feature known as Profile Videos.

Instead of the still image we've been accustomed to since the inception of Facebook, you can now easily apply a seven-second video as your profile image, which definitely mixes things up a bit with GIF-like animations. Right now, it only works for iOS, but is should hopefully be on Android any day now.

Within the Facebook app, navigate to your profile and tap the now-centered profile image. When you tap the image, you'll have new options presented to you, which include uploading or taking a new profile video.

As mentioned, you'll be able to record a seven-second video or upload one you already have on your device (Facebook does not let you trim down a video that's longer than seven seconds). The next thing to do is select a thumbnail for the video, then save the changes.

Although this feature is currently only supported on iOS for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Profile Videos are "coming soon" to Android.

Do you like using Profile Videos, or is it just a gimmick? Give us your take in the comments section below.

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shouldn't come out with any thing till it's available to all!

You should mention in the TITLE that is available for Apple products only!

i didn't know that I could do this. thanks 4 sharing.

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