Cydia Hacks

How To: Remove the Audio Recording Button in iOS 8's Messages App

Ever accidentally sent an audio message to someone through the Messages app? It happens to me all the time. My finger slips towards the right side of the keyboard and all of a sudden a one-second audio recording is being made and sent. Personally, I don't even send audio messages to anyone, but the feature is baked into the Messages app with no way to disable it. That is, unless you're jailbroken.

How To: Organize Lock Screen Alerts on Your iPhone into a Priority Hub

Lock screen notifications can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult to manage, especially in the morning when I receive a massive influx of emails, texts, reminders, and social media alerts. At some point it's not even worth scrolling through all of them on your lock screen when you can get a better grasp of everything by just checking out the Notification Center instead.

How To: Make Siri Play Spotify Music on Your iPhone Running Older iOS Versions [Jailbreak Tweak]

Spotify lets you use Siri commands to play and control music on your iPhone, but it wasn't always like that. It only applies in iOS 13 and later, so if you're on an older iPhone model with an older iOS version, you can use a really complicated workaround in iOS 12 or try a jailbreak tweak on older firmware.

How To: Add, Remove, & Rearrange Control Center Toggles on Your iPhone

As far as customization goes, there's nothing you can do to change the look and function of the Control Center on your iPhone. By default, you can't alter the system toggles, but if your device is jailbroken, it's a completely different story. With the help of a tweak from developer plipala, called CCSettings for iOS 8, you can add, remove, and rearrange your Control Center toggles.

How To: Get Detailed Battery Usage Stats for Individual Apps on Your iPhone

One of my favorite new additions to iOS is the ability to view battery usage stats on a per-app basis, which is helpful in knowing exactly which apps are taking up all of my iPhone's battery life. If you jailbreak iOS 8 on your device, you can take Apple's stock battery stats feature even further to give you details on how those apps are actually using the battery.

How To: Get Squeeze, Twirl, X-Ray, & Other Photo Booth Effects on Your iPhone

If you've got a MacBook, I'm sure you've spent some time messing around with the Photo Booth app. Who would have thought that adding simple effects like Comic Book or Stretch could make a selfie look so hilarious. Photo Booth is available for all Mac OS X computers running 10.4 or higher with an iSight camera, and it's also available on a few of Apple's iOS devices. Actually, it's only for the iPad 2 and all newer iPads since. It is NOT available on the iPhone, don't ask me why.

How To: Add Endless Scrolling to Home Screen Pages & App Folders on Your iPad or iPhone

When you're scrolling through your iPhone's home screens, you'll inevitably reach the end and have to either swipe backwards or hit the Home button to return to the first page. Why Apple didn't instill an endless scrolling feature, or at the very least an option for it, is anyone's guess, but just because you can't do it out of the box doesn't mean you can't do it.

How To: Increase iPhone Security with an Easy-to-Remember Passcode That Changes Every Minute

If somebody really wants to gain access to your iPhone, they'll get in. Phone thieves (and mischievous friends) can easily figure out your passcode just from looking over your shoulder or tracing over the oily smudges on the screen. And if you're using popular passcodes, birthdays, and addresses on your iPhone, you might as well disable lock screen security entirely.