Forum Thread: How to Combine Your Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and iTunes into One Music Library

As a music fan, I am constantly switching between music services – Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, iTunes, Apple Music, the list goes on. This is frustrating for many reasons. I have to build multiple music libraries in order to keep track of all the music I love. I can't build playlists with content from multiple platforms. It can also be difficult to share music with friends, especially when they subscribed to a different streaming service.

This is why I am thrilled to talk about Sylo, a music player that is available for iPhone and Mac. Sylo lets you combine your Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, iTunes and more to create one giant library of music. Users can search all streaming services simultaneously for any type of music content - songs, artists, albums, music videos, channels, playlists, and lyrics.

You can also build personal libraries and playlists with content from across all streaming platforms as well as locally-stored files on their device.

Share any song - users can share songs to collaborative playlists called Circles, as well as share playlist links that anyone can open regardless of subscription type.

Users can discover music across streaming platforms. Explore the biggest channels from YouTube and SoundCloud, trending music, and curated playlists.

Download for iPhone at Sylo iOS on App Store
and for Mac at Sylo Mac OSX

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This is easily the best music app I've ever used.

I am suggesting to try tool.

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